Introductory Video

We cover multimedia skills without losing sight of fundamental news gathering skills. By applying skills to real assignments from the beginning, students immediately tackle the complexities of journalism – from navigating equipment to ethical codes and finding the best way to produce and deliver their stories. Over the course of the year, we channel each student’s path of study in the direction they choose. This facilitates them to fine tune skills and to produce a professional-grade journalism project or story that should serve as a portfolio to launch or elevate their chosen career path.

The range of careers open to our graduate students is diverse, most enter the news industry as journalists or editors working either in the digital space or traditional broadcast, newspaper, magazine or radio outlets. They work as freelancers and in large organisations.

Many students also enter into alternative fields including communications or storytelling in the commercial and non-profit sector, or as teachers and trainers. 

See this video for interviews with our graduates, discussing the multimedia jobs they got after completing the course:

Watch our 2013 introductory video to hear students and staff speak about the course: