Student Multimedia

In recent years student final projects have used a range of formats and platforms to tell their stories, including web sites, interactive e-books, photography and video. Here is a selection of their work:


Biel Calderon and Eric San Juan, The Little Big Project (iBook, 52pp)



Olga Stefatou, Parched Homes (web project with videos)



Maya Reid, Diagnosis Unknown

Maya Reid – Diagnosis Unknown from IMMJ on Vimeo.


Mark Esplin, Fishing for the Coral Triangle (iBook, 51pp)



Li-Lian Ahlskog Hou, Stars – Made in China

Li-Lian Ahlskog Hou – Stars – Made in China from IMMJ on Vimeo.


Berta upe Tilmantaitė, The River Runs Back

The River Runs Back from Berta upe Tilmantaitė on Vimeo.

For more examples of student videos, check out the course Vimeo site.